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Harmony Piano Studio

Individual Piano Course (5 years old above)

Individual Piano Course (5 years old above)

Designed for ABRSM/TRINITY grade exam syllabus from Beginner to Diploma level.

Lessons conducted by the teacher with music Master's Degree.

Adopt a holistic approach to teach performance techniques and music appreciation.

Personalized develop plan.

Assured improvement in exam result.

Students will also have an opportunity to attend the annual piano recital.

Including Classical and Pop music.

Individual or group 30 mins/ 45mins/ 60 mins.

钢琴硕士资深教师教授从入门到高级, 开发学生音乐兴趣。

注重基本功训练,采用harmony piano 的“同心圆教学法”教授不同风格钢琴作品。

提升考试成绩,参加ABRSM/TRINITY 钢琴考试及各类钢琴表演,保证质量。


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